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Securicy enables businesses to easily build and maintain an Information Security and Privacy Compliance program.

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Securicy guides you through creating, implementing and managing a compliant information security program.

Quickly comply with information security and regulatory frameworks such as GDPR, SOC, and NIST


Guided configuration enables you to quickly set up your account and generate customized information security policies



Get secure and compliant fast with simple workflows for building teams, delegating tasks and monitoring progress.



Prove to customers and prospects that you meet their security requirements and take securing data seriously.


Simple Setup and Policy Creation. You are guided through the setup and integration of the Securicy software by an expert system that is backed by security professionals. You'll never feel like you're in over your head because the team is there to help whenever you need it.


Easy-to-use implementation and management tools. Get secure and compliant quickly with simple workflows for building teams, delegating tasks and monitoring progress.


Customers have questions about the state of your information security strategy. Securicy enables you to have the answers they want with reports that prove to customers that you meet their security requirements. Spend less time completing security questionnaires and more time closing deals!

Easily Answer Vendor Security Questionnaires

Vendor Security Questionnaires burden technical team members and slow down the sales process. Avoid confusion and save time by having the answers to the tough security questions your customers and prospects are asking.

Simplify complying with a regulatory or security framework

Meeting the compliance requirements of regulatory frameworks like GDPR, SOC, and NIST is challenging. Securicy provides tools to implement compliant policies and report to your customers that privacy regulations and information security standards are taken seriously.

Lower the cost of complying with Customer Security Requirements

Complying with customer-driven security requirements can be difficult. Securicy provides the tools to easily implement the security controls and best practices your customers are demanding.