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Mapping your way to ISO 27001

Despite its clearly defined requirements, ISO 27001 certification can be overwhelming to understand, navigate, and achieve – especially if you don’t have a dedicated security team.

The Securicy platform breaks ISO 27001 down for you, giving you a clear plan, pre-populated tasks, a robust project management interface specific to ISO 27001 needs, and an easy way to measure, manage, and report on your progress.


Kickstart with custom-generated policies

Your ISO 27001 journey starts with developing the more than two dozen company-specific policies and procedures required by the standard that are designed to protect data Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (the CIA triad).

Securicy’s wizard-driven interface takes the hard work out of drafting all those customized policies. In just minutes, you’ll get a set of tailored policies (on topics such as information security, access control, incident management, and much more) that are clearly mapped to ISO controls — putting you on the path to compliance quickly.


Mind the Gap: Identify roadblocks to ISO compliance

Of course, policies are just the first step. Between Securicy’s pre-defined list of ISO 27001 tasks and necessary improvements flagged by a risk assessment and/or penetration test, you’ll know how far away you are from achieving certification.

With our integrated Implementation Plan, you’ll gain clarity on all five control types (technical, organizational, legal, physical, and human resources), and the timeline and resources required to meet the requirements, address identified vulnerabilities, and reduce security risks.


Follow the shortest road to ISO 27001

The route to ISO 27001 can be lengthy, but Securicy’s customized Implementation Plan includes practical, technical recommendations and automated workflows, saving you countless hours of project management time and research.

Identify with a glance outstanding items, tardy task owners, policy acceptance rates, and next steps.


The final step: Accelerate the audit process

Whether you choose to conduct an internal audit or hire a certified external auditor, Securicy’s reporting and audit capabilities simplify evidence collection and provide auditors direct read-only access to your policies, reports, and controls.

You can easily validate whether you’ve met ISO requirement sections (organization context, leadership responsibilities, planning, support, operations, performance, and improvement).

You’ll eliminate hours that would otherwise be wasted on managing, exporting, emailing, and updating various spreadsheets and documents to prove compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

ISO 27001 is a set of standards to handle information security and ensure data protection. As an Information Security Management System (ISMS) it is used internationally to offer a system of requirements for categorizing information to protect and to identify the methods to protect it. Officially known as ISO/IEC 27001, it was developed by the International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission.

ISO 27001 is a globally recognized security framework for building and maintaining an Information Security Management System meant to protect information and prevent privacy risks in your organization. Organizations use ISO 27001 to ensure and demonstrate data security, as well as mitigate risks and prevent data breaches. It can also be used to meet compliance requirements of data protection regulations.

ISO 27001 is a security framework that lays out a set of requirements that must be met for businesses to achieve certification. Meanwhile, ISO 27002 is a supporting document that provides additional details and advice for meeting those certification requirements. There are no audits or certifications for ISO 27002, as it is a supporting document.

There are 14 groups of 114 controls to Annex A, which can be mapped to meet the objectives and requirements of the organization. These controls are all in the Securicy platform, complete with compliant policies that are automatically customized for your organization and an Implementation Plan that guides you through required action items.

ISO 27001 can be rather affordable, both for implementation and certification. Using an information security management platform like Securicy can dramatically reduce the time and resources needed to achieve and maintain certification. For certification, the cost will depend on your readiness matched against ISO 27001’s control requirements and will rely primarily on the results of an internal audit. Ultimately costs will vary depending on your existing security posture, ISMS scope, and any external resources needed.

Businesses may opt to “self-certify” compliance with ISO 27001, though this does not provide the external validation of certification. To be ISO 27001 certified requires two stages of audits: the first stage is a preliminary review of documentation, while the second stage is the “full” audit that determines if you are up to standard and ready for certification.

Ready to start your ISO 27001 journey?

The Securicy platform gives you a clear roadmap and all the tools you need to get to your ISO 27001 destination. If you’re ready to get started, chat with us so we can show you how it works.

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