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The Cybersecurity Product Roadmap: 14 Application Security Features To Help Your Customers Be More Secure

Application security features sound like obvious items to put on your product roadmap. But since applications today are constantly changing and evolving, it becomes a never-ending marathon consisting of sprints to the next goal. The next release, the next bug fix, or UI/UX improvement. Then application security features can get put off in favor of […]

How to Use the CIS Controls Framework for Your Business

For businesses, leveraging a framework like CIS Controls makes sure your company and customer data stay safe. You want to use trusted security and privacy frameworks for your business and we think the controls in the CIS framework are an excellent fit for many businesses or even startups. Customer data breaches, ransomware, theft of company […]

Why Your Business Needs a Penetration Test

When it comes to developing cybersecurity strategies, planning and assessing existing infrastructure only goes so far. To create an airtight security plan, you also need to view your company from the perspective of a hacker. That’s the role of a penetration test. You’d rather find out about vulnerabilities in your software or systems before a […]

Top 5 Security Trends in 2020

Security trends in 2020 will be driven by how innovative and lucrative the cybercrime industry is becoming. This is especially critical if you’re a founder or senior executive of a small business or startup. We’re not suggesting you should pivot your company in that direction — however, we do recommend that you stay aware of […]

Tips for Creating a Security Awareness Training Program

Are your employees trained on how to keep confidential information safe? Information security and privacy rely on employees taking the right actions to safeguard this valuable asset. An awareness training program may be just what your company needs to tighten its security and privacy strategy.  In fact, clearly communicating your security policies and training your […]

6 Best Practices For Email Security (Or, How Not to Be the Source of a Ransomware Attack at Your Company)

Your email accounts are where you are most vulnerable to being a victim of a cybercrime. Yet email security is often forgotten, even though a surprising number of attacks use phishing attacks to infiltrate a company. Because our inboxes are connected to nearly all the critical systems used in business operations now. Cybercriminals are attacking […]