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Top Security Services and Tools for Your InfoSec Program

If you’re implementing a new InfoSec program to protect your company or demonstrate compliance, you WILL need policies. First, before you do anything else. You can’t just google “security policies template” and call it a day though. You’ll need these policies customized for your company. That’s why Securicy generates policies based on your input and […]

How B2B Startups Are Evaluated for Risk By Enterprise Organizations

If your B2B startup is selling to enterprise companies, there is no doubt you are noticing an increased level of scrutiny around your company’s information management practices. You are seeing an increase in questions about your company’s security posture and compliance with privacy regulations, such as GDPR. You are probably getting lengthy security questionnaires, asked […]

How to Complete Security Questionnaires [For Vendors]

For technology vendors, data privacy and security questionnaires are increasingly common. But they are also becoming longer, more complex, and more of a burden for the companies receiving them.  We’ve helped companies answer hundreds of security questions for their enterprise customers — sometimes as many as 400 in a single questionnaire. Here we will break […]

Our Story: How a Security Questionnaire Changed the Trajectory of a Startup

When the security questionnaire landed in Laird Wilton‘s inbox, he felt sick to his stomach. He scrolled down the long list of detailed information security questions. His team at a growing SaaS startup could easily stumble in their responses here. Laird’s team had to give satisfactory answers about their security policies during the vendor auditing […]

How to Encrypt a Hard Drive with BitLocker in Windows 10

Encryption is key to making sure that your data is protected. It’s also an easy best practice to include in your security policies. The encryption process can vary between systems and devices so we’re going to break it down one at a time for you, starting with Windows 10 and Bitlocker. BitLocker is Microsoft’s proprietary disk encryption […]

What NOT to Say During a Security Audit of Your Startup

Founders and CTOs often say or do terrible things in security audits. Over the last three years, I have personally played a role in over 100 vendor security audits as both the auditor and the audited. I’ve worked with 100s more startup founders and CTOs as they navigate through enterprise vendor security audits. Many of [...]