How BRIO Systems Got HIPAA Compliant and Closed Multiple Enterprise Deals

BRIO’s solutions always involved personal health data, but their sudden shift to support COVID-19 testing meant they needed to quickly strengthen and formalize existing security protocols to further demonstrate HIPAA compliance.

Using Securicy, BRIO quickly implemented a company-wide cybersecurity strategy that scaled with them.

With Securicy, BRIO was able to generate customized security policies and tasks specific to their business and the data they managed. Through Securicy’s Premium Success plan, BRIO also leveraged additional expertise to complete the rollout of the security program to BRIO’s growing 20-person team. As a result, BRIO was able to close multiple enterprise deals within 6 months of implementing Securicy. 

BRIO was able to easily prove that their security controls and posture were mature enough for their enterprise customers to trust them with employee health data. 


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