How Connect&Go Grew by 40% While Implementing a Strong Cybersecurity Strategy

Connect&Go’s solutions involve personal and payment data from hundreds of thousands of guests at high-profile events, which makes cybersecurity a high priority in their partnerships with global brands.

Using Securicy, Connect&Go quickly developed and implemented a company-wide cybersecurity strategy that scaled with them.

In the same year, their employee headcount grew by 40% and their security program helped them close deals with new enterprise customers. The security strategy Connect&Go has now is not just a static document full of policies: they have a complete system for keeping their security procedures and employees updated. Now that they’ve established a mature cybersecurity strategy, they have methods for training every new employee, staying updated with best-practice security procedures, modifying them to meet new client requirements, and responding to new regulations.

As a fast-growing company, they need a security and compliance system that scales up with them.

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