Fast-Track your SOC 2 Compliance Process with Our Latest Release!

Posted on September 29, 2020 - by Lorita Ba - in Product News

We’re giving you a way to provide auditors and prospects audit-ready views into your compliance progress — and we’ve dramatically extended our SOC 2-specific templates to help you achieve compliance faster

Our team has been hard at work to unveil a faster, automation-driven path to achieving SOC 2 compliance. The cornerstone of the latest release of Securicy’s Information Security Management Platform is Audit Connect, a new feature designed to reduce friction and wasted time when managing vendor security assessments and formal audits such as SOC 2. In this release, we’ve also substantially expands its SOC 2-specific content and templates, capturing the latest best practices and incorporating hundreds of tasks related to SOC 2 certification.

Audit Connect increases transparency and trust by giving technology companies an efficient way to securely share their policies, tasks, controls, and files with authorized customers, prospects, and auditors without the hassle of managing or exporting various spreadsheets and gathering documents to email back and forth.

We know the compliance process can be time-consuming, stressful, and overwhelming for SaaS companies. Our goal with the new Audit Connect feature is to eliminate the friction and burden of collecting and sending a mass of documents and spreadsheets that prove compliance. By giving auditors and customers an easy way to assess the company’s security program, you’ll be able to demonstrate how you prioritize security by monitoring, implementing, and maintaining your security controls.

In addition to the turnkey SOC 2 implementation program, Securicy’s Information Security Management Platform further supports companies’ SOC 2 requirements by enabling them to:

  • Quickly build their SOC 2 compliance foundation with custom-generated, comprehensive policies. 
  • Streamline SOC 2 audit preparation with an Information Security Gap Analysis report that gauges current security posture in relation to SOC 2.
  • Generate reports for customers and auditors and to check compliance status ahead of the certified SOC 2 audit. 
  • Obtain supplementary tools, pen tests, and other resources to assist in being SOC 2 compliant. 
  • Access Securicy’s experts for Advisory Hours to assist with unique requirements or exceptions.

Interested in learning more? We’ll be holding a couple of webinars to help answer questions you might have about SOC 2 or the new SOC 2 capabilities:

About the author

Lorita Ba is the VP of Marketing at Securicy. Over the past twenty years, she’s represented security companies focused on email, anti-virus, endpoint, and compliance, working closely with customers on understanding their challenges and celebrating their successes. She currently lives in the Boston area with her daughter.