Cyber Breach Checklist: What Every Business Should Know to Prevent and Handle a Cyber Security Breach

Let our free Cyber Breach Checklist guide you through the confusing world of cybersecurity.

  • In 2017, large enterprises incurred (on average) $11.7 million in cyber-crime costs
  • Large enterprises now face, on average, one security breach every three days
  • Malicious code and malicious insiders cost large companies $1.28 and $1.56 million, respectively, every year
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What Kind of Data do You Have in Your Business?

Generally, a business has all different kinds of data. Some pieces of data are more valuable than others, but all data is of value to someone.

  • Customer Data (Names, Emails, Buying History)
  • Employee Data (Social Security Numbers, Payroll)
  • Company Data (Financial Records, Product Designs, Marketing Plans)

Business owners should have a plan in place that includes policies and procedures for how different types of data are handled, stored, and protected.

Takeaways From the Guide

The components of preparing for modern cyber security

Mobilizing the right people and resources to protect the data your business holds

Post-breach follow-up activities to review and report on the incident; avoiding future breaches

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