Why Cyber Security Questionnaires Are Making Or Breaking B2B Sales

Answering a cyber security questionnaire is an enormous hurdle for many small businesses.

  • Failing to show adequate understanding of the risks can jeopardize sales
  • One malicious attack can cost a big business millions of dollars and take months, weeks to resolve.
  • Big businesses are putting more and more pressure on their vendors to prove privacy and security compliance
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What to do when the questionnaire hits your inbox

For a small business, answering pages and pages of technical questions is a major undertaking. At Securicy, we’ve seen as few as 10 questions and as many as 148 in a single questionnaire.

But there are actions you can take to prepare before the questionnaire lands in your inbox.

Securicy’s CEO, Darren Gallop, recommends four steps for every company with a new cyber security questionnaire in their inbox. Read it. Set up a clarifying call. Answer the questionnaire. Then set up a follow-up call.

Takeaways From the Guide

How NOT to answer a questionnaire.

Examples of questions that you will probably see.

What to do when you receive a questionnaire.

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