How Can Big Tech Companies Regain Customer Trust?

Distrust towards big tech firms has grown around the world. Users have legitimate reasons to be concerned about the large amount of personal data they share with these companies. Big tech collects an incredible amount of data from their users and it could be potentially exploited via malicious means. The public demands that the industry demonstrates a commitment to data security and privacy.

Tell customers how their data is being used

Lengthy terms of service documents make it difficult for customers to understand just how much information they’re providing. Couple that with constant reports of breaches and it’s easy to see why users don’t think tech companies are doing enough to protect their data.

Big tech needs to state clearly and exactly what data it collects, how it collects it, and which outside parties that data is shared with.

Tell customers how much their data is worth

Users are willing to share their data when the benefits are clearly explained and if they feel trust toward the brand. Some of the most compelling products or services are those that give users explicit power over their own data.

Big tech needs to be transparent about the benefits the user will receive in exchange for their data.

Tell customers where their data lives and how it’s protected

To assure the safety of their customer’s data, big tech needs to make it clear what data is available and what data is not. They need to explain what protocols they have in place to keep data protected. Consistent updates on the measures they are taking to protect customer information along with reinforcement of these practices is extremely important.

In the end, if these companies want to rebuild customer trust they must take responsibility for the safety of customer data and make the best interest of users a top priority.