How to Check for Viruses Using Built-In Tools in Windows 10

how to check for viruses using built in tools in windows 10

Viruses can bring down the strongest of systems. But, like the human body, computers have built-in tools to fight viruses.

Let’s start with Windows 10 built-in scanning system:

  1. Click Start
  2. Click Settings or press Windows key + i
  3. Click Click Update & Security
  4. Click Windows Defender
  5. Make sure Real-time protection is enabled

Windows Defender should automatically turn on and prompt you update. Do so right away, as the definitions tend to be out of date by many months (depending on when you install Windows 10).

Windows Defender offers real-time protection and will perform regular automatic scans.

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This blog is meant to provide a starting point to implementing cyber security practices within your company. Due to the rapid progression of technology this is an ongoing and ever-evolving subject!