How to Disable Remote Access in Windows 10

how to disable remote access in windows 10

Windows Remote Desktop allows you (or others) to connect to your computer remotely over a network connection, effectively accessing everything on your computer as if you were directly connected to it.

Unfortunately, Remote Desktop can be exploited by hackers to gain control of remote systems and install malware or steal personal information. It’s a good idea to keep the feature turned off unless you actively need it — and it is not enabled by default. Once enabled, however, it’s easy to disable it. 

Windows 10 ships with Remote Desktop, so you do not need to have explicitly installed it. Once installed and set up, disabling it is similar to previous versions of Windows, but you can use the Cortana search box:

  1. Enter “remote settings” into the Cortana search box and select “Allow remote access to your computer”. This seems counter-intuitive, but this opens the Control panel dialog for Remote System Properties.
  2. Check Don’t Allow Remote Connections to this Computer.
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