How to Enable Auto-Updates in macOS

how to enable auto updates in macOS

Apple makes it easy to enable auto-updates for your macOS. It all happens in the background while you’re going about your day. Apple will never install an update without your permission, but they’ll make sure you don’t have to wait around your desk for hours when you want to install it.

It will only take you a minute or so to enable auto-updates on your Mac.

Here’s How to Automatically Update macOS:

  1. Choose Apple Menu > System Preferences, then click App Store.

  2. Select “Automatically check for updates.”

    • To have your Mac download updates without asking, select “Download newly available updates in the background.”
    • Get your Mac to install app updates automatically by selecting “Install app updates.”
    • To have your Mac install macOS updates automatically, select “Install macOS updates.”
    • To have your Mac install system files and security updates automatically, select “Install system data files and security updates.”

Easy as that! Now you’ll never miss an update on your Mac. You can also check Apple’s support guide about enabling updates, which may differ a little depending on the macOS version you are using. (Get the steps to enable auto-updates on a Windows 10 system here.)

Why System Updates Are Critical for Your Security

It’s important to automatically update your operating system. Or if you need to do it manually, to check and hit update on a regular basis.

Some updates are for critical security reasons. Ignoring security updates leaves you vulnerable to known issues and cyber attacks. The devastating ransomware attacks in 2017, known as Petya and WannaCry, both targeted outdated computer software. It sounds scary, but there are actually some simple steps that will help protect you from ransomware.

You may even have an information security policy at your company that requires you to enable auto-updates. If half the computers at your company were taken down because they had outdated software, that would cause a major business disruption. And that’s not a far fetched scenario. It’s a serious risk that companies need to consider and mitigate.

Installing security updates is an easy way to protect yourself. Also your company and all your customers.

Does your company have a policy about updating software and installing security patches?

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