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Top 5 Security Trends in 2020

Security trends in 2020 will be driven by how innovative and lucrative the cybercrime industry is becoming. This is especially critical if you’re a founder or senior executive of a small business or startup. We’re not suggesting you should pivot your company in that direction — however, we do recommend that you stay aware of […]

Tips for Creating a Security Awareness Training Program

Are your employees trained on how to keep confidential information safe? Information security and privacy rely on employees taking the right actions to safeguard this valuable asset. An awareness training program may be just what your company needs to tighten its security and privacy strategy.  In fact, clearly communicating your security policies and training your […]

How to Complete Security Questionnaires [For Vendors]

For technology vendors, data privacy and security questionnaires are increasingly common. But they are also becoming longer, more complex, and more of a burden for the companies receiving them.  We’ve helped companies answer hundreds of security questions for their enterprise customers — sometimes as many as 400 in a single questionnaire. Here we will break […]

What to Know About Security Awareness Training for Your Business

Security awareness training used to be a topic that only specific industries, or enterprise businesses, cared about. But with the rapid increase in cybercrime in the last several years, startups and even small businesses can’t afford to stay ignorant about the massive damage that a single employee could unintentionally cause.  Our guide here will help […]

Security Best Practices for Your Windows 10 Computer

Windows 10 comes with tons of great features for your business, including privacy and security tools for hardening your computer. This guide gives you our top tips and best practices for securing your computer and business operations. Many of these tips are pretty straightforward, free, or even seem deceptively simple. But together, these give you […]

Top Security Services and Tools for Your InfoSec Program

If you’re implementing a new InfoSec program to protect your company or demonstrate compliance, you WILL need policies. First, before you do anything else. You can’t just google “security policies template” and call it a day though. You’ll need these policies customized for your company. That’s why Securicy generates policies based on your input and […]