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Securicy guides companies through building and activating a strong business continuity and disaster recovery plan

The Business Resilience Solution is now included with all free Securicy Starter plans to help businesses respond to the COVID-19 crisis.

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Business Continuity Plan Builder for Navigating through Difficult Times

Securicy’s Business Continuity Plan Builder guides companies through creating and activating a strong business continuity and disaster recovery plan. This gives businesses the tools to be prepared in the face of unexpected events, navigate an ongoing crisis, or quickly respond to the disruption in their operations. Businesses that are prepared for “whatever comes next” are more likely to react quickly, mitigate emerging risks, and avoid catastrophic damage to their organization.

Policy Builder for Securing Your Company

A Work from Home Security Policy and other essential security policies are included in every Securicy plan (including our free set of tools). With Policy Builder, you can quickly generate customized policies to update your security program, share them with employees, and collect sign-offs. Security policies and procedures are a critical pillar for educating your employees on how your business can operate securely — on an average day and especially during extenuating circumstances.

Awareness Builder for Training Your Team on Security Issues

Free security awareness training prepares businesses against email phishing, social engineering, and other cyberattacks targeting your employees. Cyber criminals often take advantage of high profile news events to send people legitimate-sounding offers — including in crisis situations like a global pandemic. Basic training is critical for building a “human firewall,” empowering your employees to protect themselves and your business during chaotic circumstances.

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