We believe in having a healthy, welcoming, and team-oriented environment here at Securicy. This belief is reflected in our team’s approach to maintaining an equitable work-life balance. Our remote work policy reflected our values by having unlimited work from home days, before that became the norm and we decided to permanently become a fully distributed company. We also offer competitive salaries and compensation packages.


At Securicy, we believe that when passionate people are given the tools and resources to succeed an efficient, engaging, and open community emerges. We truly believe that the path to success both in work and life is through enjoying what you do, supporting your team members, and maintaining a sustainable work-life balance. We strive to reflect these values in our communication and remote meetings.

Remote Work

All of our team is remote, distributed in time zones across the East Coast, in both the United States and Canada. Our work takes place through video calls, chats, email, and other collaborative tools. (And some meetings feature guest appearances from a cat or two.)

Live Where You Want

Our founders and a number of early employees are clustered in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, one of the most highly ranked islands in the world. Many of us share a love for outdoor activities and beautiful beaches. We get it, you want to work from the place you call home too.

South Harbour Beach just minutes from the world-famous Cabot Trail of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia/ Photo credit Mark Sparrow