Sales Development Representative

JOB ID: Securicy-SDR-001


We are looking for a Sales Development Rep to play a key role in our sales process. Cyber attacks and data breaches are threatening the bottom line. Organizations of all sizes struggle to navigate the complexity of cybersecurity. This is even more challenging for organizations that can’t attract and/or budget for top cybersecurity talent. Securicy is a web-based platform that enables organizations to easily navigate the complex process of implementing, maintaining, and demonstrating that they have compliant cybersecurity Practices in place.

Job Brief

For this role you will be responsible for finding, and engaging, with sales prospects before funneling them through the sales process to the Sales Executives with the goal of closing deals.


– Research for prospects and curate lists of sales leads

– Ensure lead contact information is verifiable

– Contact leads via email or phone

– Qualify leads based on their interest and how they fit in our customer profile

– Input data into CRM software

– Generate reports from CRM software


– Experience developing sales leads with CRM software

– Proven skills with building, and growing, customer relationships

– Attention to detail when it comes to gathering data

– Strong organization skills

At Securicy we value open and honest communication, as well as, fresh perspectives and different backgrounds. If you’re the type of person who has a desire to solve problems, share your ideas, and deliver results you will enjoy our company culture.

To apply, email your resume and a short summary on why you're a good fit for this role along with JOB ID: Securicy-SDR-001 in the subject line to