Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in writing a guest post for The Infosec Blog! We may accept guest posts from researchers, cybersecurity experts, partners, or business leaders with knowledge or experience relevant to our audience.

We seek to provide our audience of business leaders, founders, executives, and other managers with best practices and practical advice for integrating security and privacy into their business operations. We look for content written in a conversational style, avoiding jargon whenever possible, and offering expertise related to data security and privacy. 

  1. We look for high-quality original writing. We do not tolerate plagiarism and expect writers to understand how to provide proper attribution to all sources referenced in your article. 
  2. We require that guest writers be familiar with content and style on The Infosec Blog, including links to two or more posts or pages on
  3. Guest posts may include only one link to any page from your company’s website. You may have an additional link to your company website or social media accounts in your author bio. 
  4. We ask that you provide an author headshot (or logo image) and a short bio (or paragraph about your company). 
  5. We will automatically reject any submissions that appear to be part of a link building scheme, inappropriate, offensive, or overly promotional of yourself or your company. 
  6. You must notify Securicy if the content submitted has ever been published in another location or where, or if you intend to re-publish it later. 
  7. Submissions should include a Google Document link with your bio/about section, and either a completed draft or outline of your guest post article. 

Some Fine Print

Securicy’s marketing team will review each guest post submission, but unfortunately we cannot respond to all guest post pitches. Securicy’s editors reserve the right to reject submissions at their discretion, reserve the right to edit your content, and update it for accuracy or comprehensiveness in the future. All submissions must meet Securicy’s quality standards to get published. Securicy does not accept requests to add new links into our existing blog posts written by other authors. Securicy may include calls-to-action in or near published guest posts. Content may be promoted in The Infosec Blog newsletter, on social media, or other places on the website. Securicy also reserves the right to remove any content and does not guarantee a permanent link.