How Strong Cybersecurity Posture Creates Efficiencies in the Sales Process

Your cybersecurity posture can make or break your sales potential with large-sized enterprises and governments. Large companies are requiring SMEs to have a strong cybersecurity posture or to become compliant with regulatory standards.

・In 2017, large enterprises incurred (on average) $11.7 million in cyber-crime costs

・Large enterprises now face, on average, one security breach every three days

・Malicious code and malicious insiders cost large companies $1.28 and $1.56 million, respectively, every year

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What is Cybersecurity Posture?


Cybersecurity posture refers to the overall strength of an organization’s cybersecurity practices. IT assets (i.e. software, databases, computer and network hardware) and data are vulnerable to outside threats. The depth by which your staff and security technologies protect these assets define cyber security posture.

When you’re trying to close big-time deals with enterprise level companies and they catch you slouching with your cyber security, chances of closing those deals get smaller and smaller. The fact that cyber crime rates are rising doesn’t help either. In today's business climate if you want to build confidence with prospects and customers your cybersecurity posture needs to be strong.

Takeaways From the Guide

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Strategies to strengthen cybersecurity posture


Why enterprises require protection from SMEs


The cost cyber attacks are having on business

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Our solution for building cybersecurity strategies

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