Cyber Breach Checklist: What Every Business Should Know to Prevent and Handle a Cyber Security Breach

Let our free Cyber Breach Checklist guide you through the confusing world of cybersecurity.

・In 2017, large enterprises incurred (on average) $11.7 million in cyber-crime costs

・Large enterprises now face, on average, one security breach every three days

・Malicious code and malicious insiders cost large companies $1.28 and $1.56 million, respectively, every year

What Kind of Data do You Have in Your Business?


Generally, a business has all different kinds of data. Some pieces of data are more valuable than others, but all data is of value to someone.

  • Customer Data (Names, Emails, Buying History)
  • Employee Data (Social Security Numbers, Payroll)
  • Company Data (Financial Records, Product Designs, Marketing Plans)

Business owners should have a plan in place that includes policies and procedures for how different types of data are handled, stored, and protected.

Takeaways From the Guide

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The components of preparing for modern cyber security


Mobilizing the right people and resources to protect the data your business holds


Post-breach follow-up activities to review and report on the incident; avoiding future breaches

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