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Get Your Business Compliant with HIPAA's Security and Privacy Requirements
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Case Study: How Talkatoo and Brio Systems Saved Time Getting HIPAA Compliant

“We were dealing with a lot of sensitive patient data and our enterprise customers needed to feel confident we had the safeguards and policies in place to protect their data. Our business would not be possible without Securicy’s Information Security Management Platform and their team.”

-Aly Mawji, CFO, Talkatoo

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HIPAA-Compliant Security and Privacy Program Designer

The foundation of HIPAA Compliance Fast Track is a custom-generated information security and privacy program, with comprehensive internal policies, procedures, and controls. The Securicy platform develops a tailored set of critical components based on privacy regulations (HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR, CCPA) and information security best practices (SOC 2, CIS). Our security experts can provide additional guidance to make sure your program meets the unique needs of your business.

Security Gap Analysis and Planning for HIPAA Compliance

Get an assessment of the current security measures and infrastructure at your business, to identify gaps for reaching compliance with HIPAA. With an Information Security Gap Analysis report, you can understand the timeline and resources required for your business to become HIPAA compliant. As part of a gap analysis, Securicy will also develop a plan including practical technical recommendations to address the vulnerabilities identified and reduce security risks to get you quickly moving toward accomplishing your goal.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan

HIPAA requires that organizations have a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan. The key objective of this plan is to keep your business protected, secure, and thriving even in the event of a crisis. This makes your business resilience, with processes to prevent known threats from causing undue damage to your organization, along with strategies for recovering in the event of a disruption or disaster. In addition to preventing incidents, a business continuity plan provides you with actions to quickly respond during an emergency or uncertain situations.

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