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Planning Your Foundation for NIST Compliance

Quickly get started toward NIST compliance by using the Securicy platform to auto-generate a complete set of compliant, tailored policies — and associated tasks — you need to follow for protecting CUI. When it comes time to review policies in the future, you can leverage the ongoing policy content updates from Securicy to ensure your security program remains compliant even if standards and requirements evolve. 


Implement & Close Security Gaps

Automatically generate the practical tasks required for NIST compliance with your customized Implementation Plan. With tasks described in plain langauge, including technical requirements, you can save countless hours of project management time by delegating responsibilities and enabling your team. 


Assess & Validate Your Compliance

Save time assessing your compliance status or tracking down proof of security controls by using Securicy’s Reporting Center and Evidence Collection. Keep track of all 110 security requirements in NIST 800-171, from Access Control to System and Information Integrity. 


Sustained Security & Program Evolution

Protecting CUI requires ongoing work and attention, which is easier when you use Securicy’s platform to keep track of everything including security awareness training, reoccurring tasks, or annual compliance requirements. With many controls requiring action periodically, like risk assessments and scanning for vulnerabilities, you can rest easy knowing Securicy will keep you on track.

Frequently Asked Questions

NIST 800-171 is a publication that establishes comprehensive cybersecurity standards for defense contractors, private businesses with federal contracts, and public institutions that handle United States government information. It includes 110 distinct security controls. The framework comes from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and its ultimate goal is to protect American infrastructure and agencies from cybersecurity threats.

The security requirements contained in the NIST 800-171 publication apply to any nonfederal system or organization where mandated in a contract, grant, or other agreement with a United States federal agency. Any businesses that process, store, or transmit sensitive government information (referred to by NIST as Controlled Unclassified Information or CUI) must follow these controls as outlined by NIST.

There isn’t a designated certification organization or official auditors for NIST 800-171, unlike some security frameworks (like SOC 2, ISO 27001, or PCI DSS). However government agencies may conduct their own assessments or audits to determine if contractors are successfully meeting security requirements. Businesses can also use Securicy’s platform to assess, implement, and prove your business adheres to all the requirements of NIST 800-171.

Failing to meet NIST 800-171 standards means a business would not be eligible for new government contracts. If your business has existing government contracts, failure to meet compliance with NIST 800-171 would put a business in breach of contractual requirements and result in a terminated contract. In the event of a data breach or security incident, there could be other more significant penalties.

Ready to tackle NIST 800-171?

The Securicy platform gives you a clear roadmap and all the tools you need to get to your NIST destination. If you’re ready to get started, chat with us so we can show you how it works.

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