Build, Implement, and Manage Your Security Program

Everything you need to build, implement, and manage an effective information security and privacy compliance program.

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Policy Creation

Answer a series of questions about your business and our Policy Builder will do the rest. The system develops customized information security and privacy compliance policies that are based on industry best practices. Additionally, Administrators can further customize policies to meet specific customer or industry requirements. *Included in our Free Version.

Program Design and Configuration

Securicy Plus+ and Securicy Premium allow you to create groups based on your staff job functions (Engineering, Marketing, Admin, etc.), and assign policies and tasks to the groups. The system then automatically assigns policies and tasks to your users based on the groups they're in.

Project Management

With Securicy Plus+ and Securicy Premium, projects and tasks for implementing and managing your program are pre-populated and delegated to groups and users. The system builds out the foundation of your implementation project and also provides you with the ability to add your own projects and tasks.

Employee Assignment

Share your policies with team members and keep your documents organized in the app. Tracks who’s received policies and signed-off on them. *Included in our Free Version up to 5 users.

Progress Tracking and Reporting

Securicy Plus+ and Securicy Premium include additional tools to help you visualize the implementation of your information security program. Dashboard reporting gives individual users and managers the ability to monitor and track progress on policy sign-offs, task completion, and project progress. Downloadable reports enable you to demonstrate the progress and veracity of the information security program to your board members, stakeholders, customers, clients and vendors.