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Get expert help to build enterprise-class security -- without breaking your budget or your momentum
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"We had so much work to do. All of that work was made far more efficient by Securicy - they provided critical advice and saved our team a lot of time."

- Boris Lipchin, CEO at Brio

Enterprise security without enterprise effort

Whether you’re just getting started or upgrading an existing program, you need to meet the strict standards that enterprises and highly regulated organizations demand.

With Securicy Premium you’ll get both:

  • An innovative security management platform that simplifies and automates program development, implementation, and management
  • Experts who help you achieve your security objectives and sustain your program past initial implementation

Compliance-focus – if or when you need it

If compliance is driving your timeline, Securicy Premium will help you achieve any framework you have in mind – SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, NIST, and more.

From gap analysis and planning to evidence collection and the audit, we’ll fast-track a compliance-focused security program designed for your business.

And by the way – that work and our platform will set you up for success so you can hit the ground running on the next framework or privacy regulation, too.

A security program built for growth, not just compliance

Today, you’re focused on meeting prospect expectations or achieving compliance. Tomorrow, you’ll grapple with emerging gaps and how to keep your security program aligned with your company’s rapid growth.

Security doesn’t end with an audit—and neither does Securicy Premium. We scale to meet your maturity level—and support you at every phase of growth.

Get Started


Design & Planning

If you’re just getting started, we’ll help you assess your existing security posture and then define, design, and plan a security program that fills the gaps and meets your security objectives.

In Phase 1, that means helping review, develop, or conduct:

  • Security framework / controls selection
  • Policy review
  • Risk assessments
  • Gap analysis
  • An asset and data inventory
  • Coaching to help you review future contracts and agreements



Now the real work begins.

In phase 2, our team will work closely with yours to implement and report on all the security controls defined in the first phase.

Using the Securicy platform to track and manage progress, our team will manage to the desired timeline while delivering:

  • A review of relevant platforms and processes
  • Recommendations for process enhancements, configurations, and additional tool suggestions
  • Third-party vendor reviews of tools and services
  • Recommendations for sustaining policies and security controls within the organization


Validation & Attestation

Time to show off your hard work.

Whether or not your goal is auditable compliance, you’ll want to be able to demonstrate your security posture to prospects and customers.

In phase 3, we’ll give you the tools you need to showcase your commitment to security. This could include:

  • An audit checklist
  • An external or internal audit or a self-attestation validating the security controls
  • The management of a compliance audit
  • A third-party attestation and security report


Management & Evolution

Once your security program is up and running, you need to actively manage and evolve it.

Whether it’s expanding to new markets, adopting new security frameworks, or supporting more common tasks such as annual penetration tests and security reviews, our team will continue to be a resource.

As part of ongoing management and evolution, our team will:

  • Assess your security posture quarterly to ensure controls remain met
  • Monitor for relevant changes in regulations and standards
  • Work with your team on mid- to long-term security goals and resource allocation
  • Prepare for new privacy regulations required by new legislation

Accelerate your security initiative

If you’re serious about security but don’t have the dedicated security expertise or bandwidth to manage the program, Securicy’s Premium Subscription can help fill the gap.

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